Waxing Gibbous Moon Necklace

alternative jewelry
Our Classic Pewter Birthstone Necklace is as indulgent as it is uniquely original to its wearer. A quality piece that will be treasured by its wearer throughout their lifetime.

Each necklace shines with the luxe sparkle of a crystal birthstone. And, like the moon itself, our lunar charms catch the rays of the sun by day to illuminate in darkness -- creating a soft soulful glow that will surely be a conversation starter. Edgy and elegant, the birthstone necklace embodies celestial style and rises beautifully to every occasion.

This beautiful piece of jewelry features a 16”-19" adjustable black pewter chain with a classic clasp for easy on and off and a pewter pendant showcasing the moon. Whether you’re looking for something classic, graceful or elegant, our Classic Pewter Birthstone Necklace has your back. It is also a unique and thoughtful gift for somebody you care about.

You can put this pewter birthstone necklace on for any occasion, or wear it all day, every day. It will attract positive energy and keep you happy, safe and loved!
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