Green Kyanite Bracelet with Christmas Tree Charm

Silver Bracelets
Green Kyanite Handmade Beaded Bracelet - Known As The Stone Of Inner Peace, Tranquility And Intuition.

Christmas Tree Sterling Silver Charm- A Symbol Of Tradition And Celebration, The Christmas Tree Represents Joy And Togetherness. Wear Your Christmas Tree Charm As A Reminder Of All The Happiness The Holiday Season Brings You.

-Each Beaded Green Kyanite Charm Bracelet Is Accented With Two Pyrite Stones Worn To Bring Good Luck And Good Fortune To The Charm Bracelet Wearer.
-8Mm Green Kyanite Gemstones Used With Charm Bracelet

- Green Kyanite Gemstones Are Natural Stones Therefore Green Kyanite Gemstone Charm Bracelet Color May Slightly Vary From Green Kyanite Charm Bracelet To Green Kyanite Charm Bracelet. Each And Every Green Kyanite Charm Bracelet Is Truly Unique.
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