Jewelry Services

Like Steve always says: “Whatever your needs ASK US!!”

  • Ring sizing: Platinum, Gold or Silver
  • Ring Guards: Help to keep a ring from twisting on a finger. These work best when the knuckle is not over 1 size larger than the back of the finger.
  • Shanks that open over knuckles and close to fit the back of your finger, to help people with larger knuckles, so they can still wear their beautiful jewelry.
  • Prong repair
  • Chain & Bracelet Repairs
  • Earring repairs
  • Engraving
  • Customizing jewelry
  • Stone Setting
  • Watch Repairs
  • Polishing jewelry

This is just a selection of the repairs we can do.

7000_Series-LaserStar-Laser-WelderTraditional Torch Solder vs. Laser Weld Repairs

  • Not every store has a laser machine. This hi-tech machine is used by jewelers instead of using a torch
  • A torch uses a high heat flame to join metal together and has been even since Cleopatra had her ring made by an artisan. A torch is very safe & used in over 90% of all jewelry procedures where you need to join or attach two metals
  • A torch uses heat and heat can be harmful to fragile stones. If a fragile stone, like emerald, is on top of the ring & we size it at the bottom there is no chance of harm, we simply turn the ring upside down in a small tub of water for protection. Torch close to stones (like emeralds set down the sides of the ring) can be in harm’s way.
  • A laser machine joins two metals together not using heat, rather a focused light beam that melts a very small area of metal. The benefit is there is very little heat generated at the melt point, allowing the jeweler to weld within 1/2 to 1mm of heat sensitive areas without removing stones.
  • Requires extensive technical expertise to perform laser welding correctly.

Why use a Laser?

  • Using a torch uses solder to join the two metals. The joint is not as strong as it was before it was cut for sizing.
  • When using a torch the solder joint (especially white gold & platinum) can and often do sometimes show a “seam” where the work was done. Not always but it does happen often enough. This seam can become apparent later as the shine wears off of the ring.
  • A laser welder uses the same type of gold to size the ring not solder.
    The ring will not show a seam.
  • The joint is stronger than a solder joint. It’s almost as though the ring had never been cut.
  • Being there is no heat used there is no “softening” of the ring structure nor chance of damage to nearby stones.
  • The benefits far outweigh any expense. In fact many jewelry manufacturers are now exclusively using a Laser machine to make many of their items.



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