Men's Black Leather Bracelet

Stainless Steel Jewelry
A Men's Black Leather 5-Cord Bracelet Features A Bold Design With Five Strands Of Black Leather Cords. These Cords Are Braided And Arranged Side By Side, Creating A Textured And Robust Look. The Bracelet Is Adorned With Three Stainless Steel Buttons, Serving As Both Decorative Elements And Functional Closures. The Stainless Steel Buttons Add A Touch Of Modern And Industrial Flair To The Accessory. This Bracelet Offers A Combination Of Edgy Style And Durability, Blending The Richness Of Black Leather With The Sleekness Of Stainless Steel. It's A Versatile And Contemporary Addition To Men's Jewelry, Suitable For Casual Or More Rugged Fashion Preferences.
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